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An All-inclusive List that Brings Top Celebrity Psychics To You

You must have read the statistics that at least one in every Americans have had some psychic moment in their life huh? There is a category of people who believe psychics are fake but you can rest assured they are fast becoming a household name especially as they start to open up their psychic abilities to the whole world. Do you believe in psychics or you are yet to make up your mind on the same? Here is a list of the top 6 psychics that have curved a name for themselves in the psychics world.

This useful resource starts with the famous John Edward who traces his psychic abilities back to the times when he was young. John Edwards started his career as a psychic medium by documenting and writing about events that used to take place way before he was even born. See, most of these events are believed to be secrets that have been held in his family since time immemorial but he could write everything about those things. John Edward met Lydia Clar, another famous and celebrated psychic medium and that is when his life took a turn for the better and he started to use his talent more openly. He started to share his psychic abilities and talents more openly and teaching people about his practice.

Next on our list is the famous Lisa Williams, a very popular and celebrated British Psychic who has a lot of psychic abilities hence her popularity. She believes she is a healer and attributes her psychic abilities to her grandfather who was a psychic medium as well. Lisa Williams started describing family, friends and strangers that were visiting them at home when she was a young girl. When she started documenting and describing people, it was established that these were people who had died many years before she was born. Although she didn’t want to be a psychic medium per se, she found herself sharing reading with family, friends and strangers.

No doubt there is a lot you can learn from this useful resource when it comes to spiritual readings which she perfected over the years. Again, just like John Edwards, she met TV host Merv Griffin and immediately started to chat her physic medium talent on Television. Other popular psychics who have curved a name for themselves include Esther Hicks, Zibia Gasperetto, Chip Coffey, Theresa Caputo and James Van Praagh. Indeed these are celebrity psychics worth mentioning and talking about in websites and blogs.